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Help! My Dad is an OB/GYN!


Help! My Dad is an OB/GYN!

Being a teenager can be tough enough! You’re probably going through a lot of changes. You’re learning how to juggle school and a social life. You might even be exasperated with your parents from time to time as you start to make your own way in the world. So, can you imagine topping all of those challenges off with having a dad who is an OB/GYN?!

Well, I can because I am that dad, and when our friends at Richmond Moms Blog asked me to write a guest blog post, I just had to share a funny memory of talking with one of my daughters about birth control. Please take the time to give it a read. I hope it serves as a good reminder of the importance of talking to your children (or nieces, nephews, family friends, etc.) about puberty, safe sex, healthy relationships, and birth control.

Read the full post here. 

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