Gynecology & Women’s Health

Birth Control

Set an appointment with a VPFW provider to find the right birth control for you.

Helping You Choose a Birth Control That Fits Your Body, Lifestyle and Stage in Life

Whether you’re not ready to start a family or not interested, need a more predictable cycle or need treatment for a medical issue, birth control can help give you the freedom and/or relief you need. Your VPFW provider can offer guidance on choosing a method that best fits into your life.

We offer a variety of birth control options, and there are several factors to consider when choosing one that will serve your individual needs. Just a few questions to think about may include whether or not you want to have children within the next few years, whether or not you can or want to remember to take a pill every day, or what effect various hormones may have on your body. Your provider at VPFW is happy to help you navigate these questions, and they are also experts at knowing what else to ask to make sure you find the birth control that’s best for you.

While all birth control options we offer can prevent pregnancy, it’s important to keep in mind they each have their own set of side effects that affect different patients in different ways. Your provider can talk through the options and how they might affect you. If you find that the method you’re using isn’t fitting your lifestyle or that it is causing side effects that are negatively affecting you, your doctor can guide you towards a different method that may suit you better.

With all birth control, it’s important to use it exactly as directed by your medical provider and to remember that prescribed birth control does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections.

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