Preparing for Your Visit

Bone Density Scan

Your Bone Densitometry may not be covered by your health plan. The technical fee is $220. Please call your health plan and verify your coverage for this test prior to the date of your appointment. The procedure code for the test is 77080. If this test is not covered, payment will be due at the time of the appointment. Currently, we are offering Bone Density at our Henrico Doctor’s Hospital and Midlothian locations.

Patient Instructions

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing like sweatpants and t-shirt
  • Do not wear any metal, including zippers, snaps, etc.
  • Wear a pull-on top
  • Wear closed toe and closed heel shoes
  • Do not have an x-ray contrast study in the seven days before your appointment
  • Do not take calcium supplements the morning of your scan

You may eat and drink normally before your test. Your physician will evaluate your results after your scan and follow up with you to talk about your risk of fracture.