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Bone Density Scans

Bone Density (DEXA) is one of the safest, most accurate, and most common ways to measure bone mineral density (BMD). Since you can’t see or feel bone loss, the DEXA test tells your doctor if you have osteoporosis, which is the loss of bone mass, or may be at risk of developing it. Physicians will consult with you and discuss recommendations and treatment options following your study.

Who Should Get a Bone Density Scan

We often recommend that women age 50 who are past menopause or have other risk factors for osteoporosis should get a scan. ACOG additionally recommends that all women who are over the age of 65 should have the screening test done.

What Can I Expect During My Scan?

The bone density scan is quick, easy, and painless. You’ll just relax on a cushioned bed while a scanner arm passes over your body. It only takes about 10-20 minutes. The scan will measure the density of your bones, which will help indicate your bone strength, vulnerability to fractures, and risk for osteoporosis.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your Bone Densitometry may not be covered by your health plan. The technical fee is $220. Please call your health plan and verify your coverage for this test prior to the date of your appointment. The procedure code for the test is 77080. If this test is not covered, payment will be due at the time of the appointment. Currently, we are offering bone density scans at our Henrico Doctor’s Hospital and Midlothian locations.