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Special Delivery: Dr. Draper Delivers Her 1,000th Baby!


Special Delivery: Dr. Draper Delivers Her 1,000th Baby!

It’s not every day that your doctor delivers her 1,000th baby in private practice. Dr. Jennie Draper became an OB/GYN in 2011, and less than a decade later, she has reached this momentous milestone. We caught up with Dr. Draper and her former nurse and patient, Victoria Morrow, to celebrate the occasion.

1,000 babies – that’s no small feat! Were you keeping track?

Dr. Draper: VPFW was my first job outside of residency, and I could not wait to build my own practice and establish longstanding continuity with my patients.  I decided to keep a record of each patient I delivered from my very first week, so I knew when my 1,000th delivery was about to happen.  And then within an hour I delivered my 1,001st!

Do you remember delivering your first baby?

Dr. Draper: Yes, I still remember my first delivery for VPFW at Henrico Doctors Hospital. The patient progressed very quickly, and I was caring for her on behalf of one of my partners, so I met her just in time to “catch the baby,” as we say.  I’ve since had the honor of delivering her twins and love getting to hear about her children as they grow up.

How did you decide to be an OB/GYN?

Dr. Draper: I always wanted to be a doctor from the time I could talk, but I fell in love with obstetrics and gynecology as a medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I had a strong interest in orthopedics, but during week one of my obstetrics rotation, I knew this was the career for me.  It is amazing what a woman’s body can do to grow and deliver a baby.  I love how much time I get to spend with patients and their families throughout their pregnancies, and then continuing a lifetime of care.

Why do you love being an OB/GYN at VPFW? 

Dr. Draper: Every physician in our practice truly loves their job and the patient is always at the center of the care we provide.  I wish I could deliver every single baby for the patients I care for, but I’m always confident that they will get equally great care from my partners when I am not on call.  I cannot wait to help more women through their birth experience!

Do you have any delivery memories between delivery 1 and delivery 1,000 that stand out?

A patient smiles and holds her newborn baby delivered by Dr. Draper, VPFW OB/GYN
Dr. Draper and her patient and nurse at the time, Victoria Morrow, after delivering Victoria’s second of three baby girls

Dr. Draper:  Each delivery is unique, and I love sharing in that very special, private moment with people.  It is truly an honor to be present.

One delivery that stands out: I was lucky to have my former nurse, Victoria Morrow, as a patient, and I got to deliver all three of her girls.  After I delivered her third baby, her boyfriend proposed to her – that was extremely memorable!

(We also caught up with Victoria, so we will let her tell the story!) Victoria, first things first – how long were you Dr. Draper’s nurse and what did you enjoy about working with her?

Victoria: I was Dr. Draper’s nurse for about 4 1/2 years. I truly loved my job working one-on-one with her. We got along great and kept each other on track during the busy days. She was so easy to work with – we just “clicked.” I also loved our patients and forming a bond with each of them. I had to move to Florida for my family and unfortunately had to leave the job I loved.

What was it like having Dr. Draper deliver all 3 of your babies after being her nurse? 

Victoria: It was truly a blessing having Dr. Draper as my OB during all 3 pregnancies. I felt at ease during the 9 months of each pregnancy. I could ask her any question and I didn’t feel like a burden with all my worries and concerns. She never gave up on me when my labors took longer than we expected, and I was so lucky to have 3 successful vaginal deliveries with no repairs needed.

Dr. Draper mentioned your proposal story – will you elaborate? 

Baby's dad proposed to mom with "mommy will you marry my daddy" onesie delivered by Dr. Draper, VPFW OBGYN.
Victoria’s third baby girl wearing the onesie her father used to propose to her mother

Victoria: After my 3rd delivery, my now fiancé had a onesie made that said, “Mommy will you marry my Daddy?” He had the nurse place the onesie on our baby when she was under the warmer in the labor room. When my fiancé brought our little girl over to me so I could hold her, I saw the onesie. I looked at him and he was down on one knee – then he proposed! I was in complete shock. It was the best day because not only did I give birth to our precious little girl, I got engaged – and it was my birthday!

Now THAT is a good delivery story. Anything else you’d like to share as we celebrate Dr. Draper’s big milestone?

Victoria: Each pregnancy and delivery I’ve had were nothing but amazing thanks to my wonderful doctor, Dr. Draper, the ultrasound staff (especially Faith), nurses and all the other VPFW staff members.

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